Christmas Exhibition 2017

Christiane Wilhelm - ceramics

Philip Lyons - paintings

Katharina Klug - ceramics

Ramp - ceramics

Maria Wojdat - ceramics

Ulli Kaiser- jewellery

Robin Shelton - jewellery

Christiane Wilhelm

tal pot by ChristianeWilhelm
Portrait of Christiane Wilhelm
Between 1973 and 1976 Christiane served her apprenticeship as a potter at Burg Coraidelstein with Wendelin Stahl and between 1976 and 1979 she studied ceramic design in Höhr – Grenzhausen with Prof.Dieter Crumbiegel and Wolf Matthes. She established her own studio in Munich in 1988
Christiane Wilhelm's classical yet contemporary ceramic vessels with scored textures are hand thrown. Based on classical forms they derive their strength from the tension between clear rigorous lines and playful handling of form and colour. These forms require vast experience in design, for frequently only nuances are responsible for lending the correct proportions and tensions to a vessel.
Vessel by Christiane Wilhelm
vessel by Christiane Wilhelm
Christiane Wilhelm

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Philip Lyons

Philip Lyons, originally from Devon, graduated from Bristol in 1978 with a degree in Fine Art. He went on to study Art Psychotherapy at Goldsmith’s, and has lived and worked in Cornwall since 1996. He now lives in Falmouth and paints full time.
Phil’s work uses colour and composition to capture the everyday events happening around him. The stories he tells are of simple pleasures; sunlight passing over a field, a glimpse of the sea over hedgerows, a glance through a window. He often uses the blue line of the sea which is ever present in Cornwall. He finds natural frameworks and grids in his surroundings to capture the composition and anchor the moment; a doorframe or a window, the shapes of a room, or everyday objects in an interior. He captures the feelings, colours and shapes in the landscapes and interiors around him.

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Katharina Klug

Katharina Klug in her studio
Tea Set - ceramic - by Katharina Klub
My work is about the simplicity of design and shape, bringing these in relationship to the surface. I am inspired by the elemental colour and shape of ancient Korean pottery. What I love about ceramic is that it starts off as a soft lump and can become pretty much anything you want it to be. After the firing, it is hard and durable and can survive centuries. But at the same time, it’s fragile and can be broken into pieces in a moment. I aim to create timeless vessels for the contemporary interior.
Each piece is individually made from porcelain on the potter’s wheel. Naïve, spontaneous pencil strokes drawing graphic simple patterns that create movement and direction. Every line is drawn by hand which makes the work preserve the moment of making. The imperfection of the patterns make it lively, rough and immediate and unique, still holding an order or direction to bind them together. The Narrative of my work is coming from little snippets of observation in my environment. Lines are jumping out on me in almost anything – stripes on cloth, wires, cables, plants and grasses, architecture and streets just to name a few.
After growing up in my mother’s pottery I trained professionally at college in Austria and Germany for 6 years. I set up business in Cambridge in 2011 and have been given the silver award 2013 by Craft and Design magazine in the ceramic category. In 2014 I was chosen to participate in the Crafts Councils Hot House program. Since then I have become a selected member of the Craft Potters Association.
Small Friends Vase by Katharina Klug
Small inside out bowl by Katharina Klug
Lidded Yellow Jar by Katharina Klug

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Robin Shelton

Necklace by Robin Shelton
Robin Shelton
Robin Shelton trained at Loughborough College of Art and Design, graduating in 1995 with a first class honours degree in Silversmithing and Jewellery. After this, alongside raising two childrenm he worked as an art and design lecturere and has been a self-employed artist designer and author since 2001. His multi-diciplinary practice continues in his studio, based in Trowbridge Town Hall, where he develops his range of mixed-media jewellery as well as expanding his research practice in drawing and analogue photography. He is also working on his third non-fiction book.
Robin's jewellery is inventive, original and unique - the overarching theme of his work concerns the almost alchemical process of creating something precious from materials, objects and experiences which might of otherwise been overlooked.
necklace by Robin Shelton
Drop Earrings by Robin Shelton
glass ring by robin shelton

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Maria Wojdat

Line closed vessels - Maria Wojdat
Orange and yellow vwssels - Maria Wojdat
Maria Wojdat completed an MA in ceramic design at Bath Spa University, having previously trained in graphic design.
Maria creates stunning vessels that are vibrantly coloured and explore the relationships betweem line form and colour. Each piece is a making journey which encompasses elements of chance, and explores the balance betwen line, form and colour.
Maria has exhibited nationally and internationally and works from her studio in Bath.
Closed Vessels Maria wojdat
Line closed vessels - Maria Wojdat
Comfortable Place - Wall Sculpture - Maria Wojdat

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Ulli Kaiser

Bridge over the Kennet and Avon, Sydney Gardens Bath
Bridge over the River Dart
Ulli Kaiser was born in Austria and studied Textile Art and Art Education (emphasis Painting) gaining honours at the University for Music and Dramatic Arts in Salzburg. After years in Hong Kong she moved to England in 1998 and now designs and works from her studio near Guilford, Surrey.
She uses her knowledge of textile techniques combining traditional craft practices, like bead crochet, with unusual materials. Shells, coloured wood. 1920s facetted cut glass beads, antique metal beads but also tiny pearls and gemstones find their way into the crocheted work, enhancing its textures.
Ulli Kaiser red drop earrings
ring by Ulli Kaiser
Two Bridges Dartmoor Kevin Hughes

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RAMP ceramics
Alice Working
Devon based RAMP (Roop & Alice Make Pots) is a combination of talents between potter Roop and decorator Alice. Roop creates the pots in a simple clean form making them a good open platform for Alice to decorate. Alice uses coloured slips to paint with, building them up in layers using different brushstrokes, while the pots are still wet. The result seems to echo the designs of the 1950's but still has a very contemporary feel.
Breon OCasey - Black Bulb Bowl
RAMP - Yellow Bowl
Ramp - Medium Egg bowl

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